IEB – External Certificates / Grade 10-12

Many learners of schools across South Africa and abroad are following the IEB Curriculum.  These learners is require to submit four (4 )  External Certificates,  between Grade 10 and Grade 12 as part of the Life Skill subject.

Many schools already have a programme in place that could be used as certificated courses i.e. computer literacy, study skills etc.    However, students struggle to find organisations that offer skills courses that is easily accessable, affordable and that would not be too time consuming.

The Prestige Skills Academy Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Short Courses will expand your existing knowledge in a particular field and even enhance your own abilities in preparation for further post-school studies as well as the world of work.  In addition, these courses will help learners to be more successful at school.  It is widely recognised that success in life and particular settings such as work, leisure and learning depends on a variety of core transferable skills. Without these skills it not only becomes difficult to cope with life’s challenges, but also to excel. One of the major challenges learners in South Africa are facing is under-preparedness for life after school, whether it is further studies, or seeking and retaining employment. A number of key skills relate to that. A recent global survey involving the expectations of CEO’s about barriers to their company’s future growth revealed that the four key skills their employees fail to offer are in priority order: problem solving, leadership, creativity and innovation, and adaptability. The Prestige Skills Academy will close this gap.

The distance learning courses are not linked to the NQF and do not carry NQF credits.  They are high in demand, though, and carry the approval of the Prestige Skills Academy Advisory Committee.  These learning materials are quality assured by the learning material developers who are all professionals in their individual fields. The mode of delivery is english and  via DISTANCE LEARNING.   This means that you don’t attend class like full-time students; you can study from home and manage your study program according to personal circumstances.  Therefore, complete your skills course in your own time and at your own pace.   In that way it is much more flexible.  Certification is done by Prestige Skills Academy which is a sub-division of Prestige Academy and all certificates is valid for 3 years from date of registration.

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Course 1: Finding Your Purpose to Personal Fulfillment 

Course 2: Achieving Life Balances

Course 3: Time Management 

Course 4: Attitude – Protect Your Most Priceless Assets

Course 5: E-mail Etiquette

Course 6: Taking the Lead

Course 7: Handling Difficult People  

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